Anxiously Awaiting by D.E. Grant

It had only been six months since he was deployed and she anxiously awaited his return. His going away was a difficult decision for both of them, especially with her being alone in her current condition. Their sleeping child, conceived before John went away, stirred in her belly. She rubbed her heavy, swollen stomach in hopes that would soothe the growing life inside her. I guess the baby is as anxious as I am, she thought, as she nervously paced throughout the living room. Every sound she heard made her heart race in anticipation of her love coming through the door. The rain lightly pelted against the window and she could see the trees in the front yard dance with the gentle winds. Each minute that passed seemed like an eternity, every second seemed to stretch out forever as her gaze once more fell on the clock. The ticking of the large grandfather clock loudly echoed throughout the quiet room as her attention returned to the front door. She heard a car roll down her street and she quickly padded towards the door, only to be disappointed when the vehicle kept going past her house. Dejected, she absently rubbed her belly as she returned to where she had sat for what seemed to be hours.

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