Clouds Before Fire and Smoke Before Rain by Winde! Washington-Nnochirionye Book Review

Praises for Clouds Before Fire and Smoke Before Rain:

“Winde Nnochirionye taps her pen to heart rendering verse that vibrates with a fierce vulnerability. She writes to right personal and societal wrongs armed with an expansive imagination and righteous rage. She uses her pen as an instrument of change.” -Glenis Redmond, Author of What My Hand Say

“Winde Nnochirionye has reached the sky with her book of poetic verse that takes the reader on a very special journey. She is an artist, revolutionary, educator, parent and storyteller. She has the knack of asking questions and you are drawn into the Poets conversation, waiting to hear the answer, which you know will be different, scholarly, significant, and full of magical imagery.”-Rev. Dr. Nathaniel J. Gadsden, Author, The Visit

“In Clouds Before Fire And Smoke Before Rain, Winde! Washington-Nnochirionye confronts a variety of subject matters that are not only difficult but very necessary in our current social climate. Winde! engages us with sensitive issues such as love, death, spirituality, and self-awareness with transparency and candor.” – Ms. GG, Author, Saving The Whole Child

Book Review:

This poetry book was really on point. This story resonated with me. I love the flow of the poems. I can relate to a lot of your poems. Thank you for being so transparent. I love the cover. The cardinal in the hair is relating to a point in the book. The title spoke volumes also.

The poem with the five different women of the Bible was on point and I loved it. And the poem Writing the Vision, I asked myself the same questions and has yet to get answered. The Hide and Seek my Soul, I could comprehend how you felt. I love how you incorporate different sayings and cliches that I am familiar with. The 31 Word Lie, the Pledge of Allegiance I’ve always wondered has anyone ever tried to break down the pledge. I understand it more clearly now. Thank you for the history lesson in Native Story in Native Dialect. The Society’s Zoological Garden was a very cute poem. This was one of my favorites. It told the truth on so many levels. The Deadbetedness, girl you told that poem. I stand behind you 100%. You gave us the truth and we needed to digest it. The Empty Poem, was a read between the lines type of poem. Empty cannot fulfill you but being fulfilled should not make you empty. Amen. The Saturday Morning poem, getting your hair done pressed with the hot comb, summer revivals, sleepovers with your cousins, and Pink Champale. Love it. Again these poems resonated within me and stirred my soul.

I recommend this poetry book to the young and the old. I give it five stars. Can’t wait to read more by this author.

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