Author Spotlight: Jill Shawntaye Kapri

-What is your genre? What draws you to this genre?

Urban-Fiction-Life and Drama, short stories and poetry.
I wanted to write a book that grasps my reader’s attention at first glance, and we all know drama sells, so that’s what I went for.

-What is your purpose?

My purpose is to be that chosen one to stand with those who have been told no, or that they can’t do it. I’m here to show them that they can and I’m willing to stand with them through this journey. I love helping people, I love listening to those who need me as well. I lived to share my story of Domestic Violence that alone tells me my life purpose is to live.

-Who has influenced your life as an author?

Honestly, in the beginning Tragedy and trauma. As time progressed I took a big liking to authors like Wahida Clark and Ashley Antoinette. I love those two ladies.

-What is your favorite marketing technique? How do you get your book in front of readers?

I do a lot of promotions with blogs, I use my social media platforms; Facebook, and Instagram.

-What is something you want readers to know about you?

My pain is what made me who I am today. I love taking chances. I love writing. And most of all I love proving to myself I can out beat the odds.

-What are you reading right now?

Right now I’m reading my new book The System Chose Me, as I prepare to release it before the year ends.

-3 Fun facts
I love being a mother.

I love music.

I love meditating and burning candles

Jill Shawntaye Kapri, born on September 4, 1993 in Tallahassee, FL, is a self published author. The journey of her writing career has been blissful. She enjoys spending her time reading books, listening to music, and being a full time mother. Jill can be found on Facebook as Author Jill Shawntaye Kapri and also on Instagram @iamjillkapri.

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