Book Review for Knucklehead Fred

Fred doesn’t listen to his parents. He does whatever he wants to do. He doesn’t even smile. What’s up with Fred? Fred is a very defiant child. He didn’t like to eat his vegetables just like a lot of other children. Fred was just being a typical young boy. The story was realistic. I can relate to the characters. The illustrations were great. I love the writing style of the author. The font was easy to read.

 OMG! Now and Laters. I love the “yellow” kind.

 There are always consequences to your actions. You reap what you sow. You treat people with respect, you will get it in return. Your parents are always trying to help you and keep you out of harm’s way. Tough love is what some children need. Fred had to learn to do right by his parents. He has to prove to them he could be a good kid.

 I recommend this book to young boys and girls. I give this book a 5-star rating.

Arias Williams is a creative based in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a father of two children, a husband, and currently teaches 7th Grade in South Los Angeles.

When he isn’t working on Knucklehead Fred, Arias can be found in his home studio making beats, hanging with his family, or working to educate the future of Los Angeles.

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