Synopsis – The Way That I Love You by Tanya Deloatch


“The Way That I Love You” is the stand-alone love story of Jason and Sierra.  

Trials of love, trust, friendship and loving each other from a distance makes them wonder if it is all worth while.

Chapter 1:

The snow filled windowpane reminded her of the warmth she felt in the arms of the man she had come to love.  Who knew a year ago, she would be ending a relationship that left her feeling empty, broken and drained.  Who knew that the ugly absence of a goodbye would be the best thing that could ever happen?  Opening her eyes to new experiences and an independence she had not felt in years, yes Jason disappearing from her life had done that.

Watching the falling snow, Sierra tightens the grip on her oversized mug of hot chocolate.  Her cell phone rings and disturbs her gaze.  In her thoughts, she glances to see an unknown caller on the screen.  Hesitantly, she answers.

“Well hello, there my darling angel.” The caller melodically responds to her curious voice when she answered the phone. The familiar, yet unwelcome tone sent Sierra’s head spinning.  Since when was it cool to just pick up the phone and call someone that you left without a word a year ago?  Thrown in a tailspin of memories, Sierra rolled her eyes and replied coldly “Hello Jason.”

My name is Tanya, I am an indie author based in Virginia. 

Today, I have seven self-published collections of poetry, a collaboration book of poetry “When Queens Speak” and short stories in six variously themed anthologies.  Jason and Sierra’s story is my first standalone book entitled “The Way That I Love You”. I am currently working on the follow up to my first novella “Love Takes Time”.  Catch up on my catalog and enjoy a good read!



Twitter:  That_AuthorMommy_Chic

Instagram: That_AuthorMommy_Chic

Facebook: Author Tanya TerrellWebsite: www.tanyaterrell.com

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