Book Spotlight: My Mother’s Child by Christian Cashelle

My Mother’s Child by Christian Cashelle

Deep down inside, Angel Daniels always felt she was different from her family. With a perfect mother who was very overprotective, Angel’s days consisted of restrictions and rules. Tired of living in her mother’s shadow, Angel wanted her own life and was determined to get it.

Having suffered abuse at the hands of her father’s ex-girlfriend taught her life wasn’t fair at an early age. Shuffling between her mom and dad’s homes while trying to maintain a social life was exhausting. Home. Church. School. That’s all she was allowed to do. High school was supposed to be her fresh start.

When Jaxon moved to town, Angel knew he would get her into some much-welcomed trouble. She hadn’t expected that trouble to include his cousin’s girlfriend, Kristin. Angel soon found herself in a friendship that would not only test her relationship with Jax but her relationship with her family. Angel was content on being the rebel of the family until she learns the truth about her parents’ past and other family secrets that were kept from her.

Kristin’s wild and carefree life excited Angel and numbed the pain of her reality. It wasn’t long before those lines crossed and Angel’s behavior became deadly. Kristin’s world of sex, drugs, and lies became more than Angel bargained for.


Christian Cashelle is the owner of Dynamic Image Publications, an independent publishing company that specializes in inspirational fiction. She has authored 8 novels including a poetry collection and her passion is helping others polish up their stories and clarify their message. Christian is also a word stylist, creating content for professional brands. She is a lover of Christ and has been involved in several ministries inside and outside of her church since she was a child.


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