Author Spotlight with Author Jana Buchmann

Jana Buchmann is a children’s book author and mom of three girls with a love of storytelling. She enjoys combining unique ideas with magic and imagination to create memorable stories that bring tons of fun and smiles to every child who reads them. Her books espouse beautiful, evocative illustrations and simple, uncomplicated storytelling.
Jana is a German expat and lives with her family in New Jersey.

-What is your genre? What draws you to this genre?
Children’s books
I love to tell stories and to spark the fantasy of my little readers. Everything is possible in children’s books; this is something my fantasy loves very much. On the other hand, children can be your hardest critiques, they will abandon your story when it doesn’t find their interest, no matter how much they love you. But when you can find a way into their imagination through something as simple as words, well, there’s nothing more satisfying.

-What is your purpose?
I believe that every child can learn to love books and reading when they are given the right book. My stories are full of fun and imagination and take kids on magical adventures. They need a place where they can just be kids and we need to give them room for their imaginations and creativity. This is important for a child’s development as it is where ingenuity and thinking outside the box begin. Imaginative and creative play is how children learn about the world, and I hope my books give them a boost to create their very own fantastic stories.

-Who has influenced your life as an author?
On my personal side, my dad and my kids. My dad is a wonderful storyteller who can easily keep every kid’s attention with his stories about animals and wildlife. My children’s imaginations inspire me every day and give me tons of possible book ideas. It’s incredible what their little minds can imagine when you encourage them to let their fantasy run wild. The only important thing is that you take the time to listen to them and their stories.
On a professional side, I’m very much in love with the books by Astrid Lindgren. Her stories are full of life, imagination, and have infectious humor. Her characters, Pipi and Ronia for example, are unique, confident, and strong kids whose adventures still hold the attention of kids all over the world.

-What is your favorite marketing technique? How do you get your book in front of readers?
I believe in the importance of networking and building strong relationships. As an indie author, I’m grateful for any support and it often comes from a completely unexpected direction. I think connecting with your audience per social media and regular newsletters without getting “salesy” and spammy is the key to success. People need to know you first before they will hopefully like you and your books. I’m trying to inform and entertain my audience and give them something valuable, like my regular tips and ideas on how to spark our kid’s imagination. I hope that my readers will feel the love I put in every story I’ve written and that they appreciate my authenticity. Happy readers are the best marketing tool as they will share the love for your books and spread the word about them.
I’m offering paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks so there is hopefully something for every preference. Sometimes you need an audiobook to entertain your kids on car rides or restaurant visits, sometimes you’d like to check out a book first on Kindle Unlimited or as a free eBook before you buy the paperback. I completely get this as this is something I’m doing as well for my kids.

-What is something you want readers to know about you?
I’m just a mom who loves storytelling and tries to make the best out of every day like every other parent. I strongly believe that everything is possible when you believe in yourself and that you should never stop dreaming and reaching for the stars. But you should always remember to spread kindness and love, as those are the most important things in the world. This is something I’m teaching my girls every day.

-What are you reading right now?
With three little girls ages 4 and under: picture books. Lots of them. The next book on my personal reading pile is “Where the crawdads sing”, I know I’m a little late with this.

-3 Fun facts about yourself
• I always wanted to write; my first writing attempt was a story called “Susu in the jungle”, I wrote it when I was ten years old. Unfortunately, my first try stopped after the second chapter.
• I love to travel the world and we have so much fun exploring the American continent after more than 40 years living on the other side of the ocean.
• I can’t dance. This sounds strange but it’s true, I’m doing fine alone on the dance floor but I’m no fun when it comes to ballroom dance. I can’t keep the moves in my mind, no matter how many classes I take.

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