Author Spotlight: Neal Owens

Tell us about your latest book.
My latest book is set in today’s political climate. Derrick, the young African American venture capitalist learns political power is needed to ensure the sustainability of his civic-minded conglomerate and finances a grassroots voting initiative to change the leadership in Congress.
Erich Hornsby, chairman of the business powers that be in America plots Derrick’s murder and manipulates the voters to elect his puppet, John Donalson, president. In full control of the White House, Hornsby attempts to raise the Fourth Reich.

Tell us about the journey that led to you writing this book.
The journey is the continuation that began in 2014 that led to self-publishing my debut novel. I took a leap of faith and left the workforce to pursue my childhood passion for writing short stories and novels. My wife and I endured the financial hardship caused by my resignation as Director of Operations for a national-affiliated youth organization. Our faith in God carried us through the daily financial strain. God placed this story in my mind and led me to write it. While many questioned my decision to concentrate full-time on writing this novel, I didn’t waver on my decision. I took online novel courses and joined writing communities to learn the technical aspects of creative writing and hone my skills. While I haven’t benefited financially, my debut novel, Mirrors of Life, won The Silver Award from Literary Titan and was named Finalist for The 2020 International Book Awards.

Tell us about one of the people at the center of this book, and what makes them interesting.
The characters at the center of this book are Derrick, his mother Yvonne, and Erich Hornsby. Derrick is focused and determined to economically empower black communities and provide a strong education system. His strong faith in God and knowledge of the scriptures exemplifies a good man.

Yvonne is the essence of a black woman. Strong, Wise, and Faithful. Most black women will see themselves in her.

Hornsby is a Neo-Nazi whose orders are followed by the US president. He provides a window into the mind of those we know as the One Percent.

Why does this book (or this subject) matter to you? Why was it worth spending a year (or five, etc.) of your life on it?
This book matters to me because people can see themselves and others in a fictional story that reads as if it could be non-fiction. I wrote this story with the focus of helping the reader understand and confront the issues in life. My debut novel took 5 years to finish, and this sequel was done in less than a year. So the 6 years that I worked on this story in sweat and tears were to finish the work that God directed me to do.

What do you love about this book? What makes this book special to you? Is there a part that makes you cry? Makes you laugh? Is there a part you’re secretly most proud of? What is it?
I love everything about this book. But you cannot fully appreciate it without reading Part 1. This book is special to me because it reveals the truth in fiction, and makes the image feel real.

Describe the reader who ought to know about this title.
There are a few moments of tears. But that is what you see when you look at your life in the mirror. Moments of happiness and sadness, life, and death.

What do you hope this book can impart to its readers?
In the mirrors of life, there is laughter, so this story will also bring smiles and laughter.

Do you have anything you would like to add?
There are parts that I am secretly proud of.  There are several things that I am secretly proud of in the book, but I cannot tell you what it is. I’m sure when you read it, you will discover it.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gfp8ht

Barnes and Noble: https://bit.ly/2YgMltu



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