Book Spotlight – Mirrors of Life


(1) Was writing something you’ve always known you wanted to do?
I wrote my first story in the 5th grade but didn’t consider writing a profession. But after 33 years of service to at-risk youth, I decided to follow my childhood passion for writing short stories and novels.

(2)What was your first book published? Give a brief synopsis.
My debut novel is titled Mirrors of Life. This award-winning novel vividly explores the contemporary experiences of black people in America through the emotional tale of a mother and her children. This compelling story of faith and perseverance leads to intrigue when her spiritually inclined and ambitious son, Derrick, attempts to build a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by a group of avaricious businessmen led by the narcissistic and callous, Erich Hornsby. Surrounded by fierce opposition that includes people of his race, can Derrick prevail against the business powers that be? And if so, how?

This is a thought-provoking novel that uses compelling characters to bring to life the uniqueness of a familiar story. Mirrors of Life engages the reader with drama, family, faith, suspense, romance, and philosophy. If you are looking for an intriguing contemporary urban fiction story that addresses many societal issues in a heartfelt yet engaging way this novel is for you.

(3) What inspired you to write the story?
In 2013, God placed this story in my mind. That was my inspiration and the reason the story is God-centered. My life experiences that included my college courses in Social Problems and Human Behavior prepared me to execute this story.

(4) What was your feeling the first time you held your first published book in your hands?
I was excited, but I didn’t show it, because I knew that was only the start of a long journey ahead.

(5) What is your latest book? Brief synopsis.
Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power will drop on September 15, 2020. Set in today’s political climate, Derrick, the young venture capitalist who has built a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices in America–learns political power is needed to ensure the sustainability of his corporation and prevent the blockage of future projects.

His mother, Yvonne, who raised her children to leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency, spearheads the grassroots voting initiative to change the leadership in Congress.

Erich Hornsby, the Neo-Nazi chairman of the business powers, plots Derrick’s murder and manipulates the voters to elect his puppet, John Donaldson, president. In full control of the White House, Hornsby attempts to raise the Fourth Reich.

This realistic tale of disproportionate wealth and political tribalism is insightful and chilling.

(6) Are you working on anything new?
No. My focus for the next few months will be on promoting Mirrors of Life Part 2.

(7) Between writing, publishing, and marketing what was the most difficult for you?
The most difficult is marketing. There are 2 million books published every year, so the field is overcrowded. Everyone is trying to get exposure for their books. Without a hefty marketing budget, it’s a very big challenge for new independent authors like me.

(8) Do you have any unique marketing ideas to share with your fellow authors?
Actually, I am in need of unique marketing ideas.

(9) What advice would you give someone who wants to publish their first book?
See the process all the way through. Overcome the frustration of writer’s block with patience. Keep your confidence against the doubtful mind. Endure the trials and tribulations with faith. Do not allow anyone to change your writing style if you believe in that style.

(10) Where can we find you and your book (website, email, social media, etc)?


(11)Anything else you would like to add that was not covered?
My debut novel, Mirrors of Life, won the Silver Book Award from Literary Titan and was named Finalist for The 2020 International Book Awards in the Fiction: Cross-Genre category.





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