A Winter’s Seduction Book Review


A Winter’s Tale Series Book 5
A Contemporary Soap Opera

After discovering the truth about her husband’s infidelity, Charlotte Toutant’s entire world collapsed. How could the very man who had once provided her with a hiding place, who had once been her very own safe- haven betray her so utterly, so completely?

Determined to gain perspective, Charlotte resolves to put distance between her and the only man she’s ever truly loved, Manhattan’s Upper East Side ultimate playboy− Nicholas Elliot. However; when her anger dissipates and all that resides is the hurt from his unfaithfulness, Charlotte becomes tormented with thoughts of him− her best friend . . . her lover . . . her soulmate. Thoughts of his heated silver gaze and sensuous mouth, thoughts of the sweet caress of his hands admiring her accepting flesh − of whispered promises of pleasure. Unequivocal desire that ignites a burning hunger in her, causing a passion that enflames her every nerve- ending.

And so, what is Charlotte to do when the very man who shattered her heart is also the man whose very breath soothes her being, whose very touch leaves her yearning for more− feeling truly addicted?

She must surrender to a winter’s seduction . . .

Note: This book ends with a cliffhanger.


Queenie’s Review:

Yall this book was for mature adults only. This series is the best series I have read. The author sure does keep you on your toes. The drama-filled sop[ opera continues with Nicholas, Charlotte, Dean, Spencer, and now Santiago. Nicholas and Charlotte’s relationship is coming back full circle since all the lies are coming full circle.
This author had me in my feelings again. I was side-eyeing the couple, rolling my eyes at Dean and Spencer, clutching my invisible pearls, laughing, happy, annoyed, and angry. But as usual, I enjoyed the ride.I could relate to the characters because they were realistic, funny, well developed, and like family. My favorite character is still the little sister Adeline.
The story did hold my interest from the beginning because I was eager to find out another cliffhanger. At first, I was gobbling up the pages then realize I won’t get my fix until the end of the year so I took my time to finish the book.
There were a lot of conflicts, tension, and intriguing to keep me interested. In some of the situations, I thought I was right there with the characters in the book.
I do recommend this series to the avid romance book lover. I give this book 5 stars. I am anxiously waiting for A Winter’s Deception.

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/3aGT70y


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