Book Spotlight: KATARI


The Five Words that best describe KATERI are 1)Vendetta 2)Revenge 3)Fued 4)Black Magic 5)Finding peace

One of the highlights I wanna share is when KATERI brother took his own life after killing the mother and daughter of the family they were feuding with. It came as a surprise but his soul was tormented with all the violence he had undertaking.

The purpose of the book is to highlight that there are evil people who believe in esoteric sciences such as black magic and uses it for evil purposes.

Revenge and vengeance is a recurring theme throughout the book as well as redemption once acquiring revenge

The character that was the most fun to write was Carlos Kareri’s godfather. He was very intriguing and a dignified gangster. The most difficult character to write was KATERI herself since I had to see the world through a female’s eyes one whose been violated.

One thing that some of my ardent fans may not know is that I languished for 15 years in prison for a crime I committed at age 20.

I would like my fans to know that violence is not always the best method to overcome internal struggles but we must confront our demons and often times the demon lies in our mirrors.



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