Book Review: Please Tell Me the Grass is Greener




PLEASE TELL ME IF THE GRASS IS GREENER is the dominant work of writing of the Millennium. This compilation of seven short stories is peerless of it’s kind. Each of the storytellers will take your hand and lead you through the unpredictable, and sometimes disgruntled, fields of life. “Even Snowflakes Have Flaws” takes on the essence of a young woman and her struggle to grasp the perfection society is fixated on. In “Eyes Like Mine”, Braylee tells of his determination from boyhood to avoid stagnant roads that could end him astray. Jude is faced with the struggle of choosing love or lust in “Sweet Potato Pie”. In “Nothin’ Worse Than an Unmade Bed”, Promise regrets not knowing how to love her man right. The thought of his leaving devastates her. The narrator kicks knowledge to the wanna be playas in “What Goes Around”. His experiences as a bachelor will floor you. In “Daddy’s Little Girl”, the narrator conquers the anger she had towards her father. She realizes that it is time for her to not necessarily forgive and forget, but to move on. And lastly, James Sr. forces you to be an accomplice of his brutal thoughts as he fights to cope with failed dreams and lack of will in “You Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry”. PLEASE TELL ME IF THE GRASS IS GREENER is beyond powerful, moving, and all those other common descriptors. It is unfeigned.

Queenie’s Review:

This book was raw and touches my soul within. This was creatively done in rhyme. The 7 short stories were powerful and full of wisdom. The emotions of this book had me on a roller coaster. The themes of this book were betrayal, love, disappointment, failures, sacrifices, and pride. This book talked about the daily struggles that all humans have to face. My favorite stories were ‘Ever Seen a Grown Man Cry and Even Snowflakes have Flaws. I love how the writing style of the author. It made the characters come to life. The characters were well-developed and relatable. All of the stories touch me in some form or fashion. Some of the stories I could really really relate to. Thanks for writing this book. I give this book five stars.

To purchase the book: https://amzn.to/2X8EjCk


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