Pray Coffee Grind Journal – Kristi Tailor Journals Review


Pray Coffee Grind Journal

Beautifully crafted journal/notebook created with a durable matte finish. Perfect, All-purpose journal designed for women of all ages. A feminine and elegant style that is sure to capture the attention of on-lookers. Crisp white pages and wide lines are perfect for writing. Add this one of a kind Journal to your collection. Perfect for avid journaling and everyday use.

Queenie’s Review

This journal is beautiful. I love the color scheme. The matte finish and colors make it pop. I love the title: Pray Coffee Grind because that’s what I do every day. The pages are crisp, white, and lined. I love that I have enough space to write my thoughts and ideas. This journal I recommend to women of all ages. I give this journal 5 stars.


Purchase link: https://amzn.to/3iSySzO


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