Queenie’s Poetry Corner – Arise – Nolan P. Holloway Jr.


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Arise (To realize there are many colors)

A new day to begin again,

but being wrapped in black skin and sin

All of us are guilty because we indulge in thoughts and actions,

for many the day is blackened

There is one factor that causes this disparity

because true equality is such a rarity

Some actually believe that one color is superior to all others

We can see there are so many beautiful colors

It is unfortunate that the wrong one can bring death

Many in situations that ended with their last breath

just by being the wrong shade in the wrong place

On this planet, we have so much space

to arise to a new day where everything blends like a botanical garden

And to be afforded a pardon

Because the principle is all are created equal

But we are participating in the sequel

where none of that is true at all

The goal is to keep our minds in a cell wall

One color seems to dominate the positions of power

placing fear and hatred to force us to cower

But One that created all colors will have the final say

on that glorious day

And the people who felt there was only one hue to be privileged and all others

relegated to nothing will be elevated to prominence

To the One that has the ultimate dominance

And the first shall be last and the last first

Which is be everlasting

©By Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

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