Queenie’s Poetry Corner – I Fear – Cherish Cleveland



I Fear – Cherish Cleveland

For a while, I contemplated on how to write this poem

I knew I needed it to be great, 

so I wanted to be sure to have my facts straight, 

because with this, I could not be wrong. 

But something told me today that research wouldn’t be much of a help to express the way that I feel with you. 

It’s been heavy on my heart for quite some time, my brother, I fear for you. 

I fear the day I get a call announcing your death behind some ungodly reason. 

And no this ain’t no temporary scare because I feel it every day, each and every day, season after season. 

You see there’s no expiration date, there’s no cut off time for when they feel they can rob me of my brother.

I fear the person that hates you, that deems you as guilty without any reason besides your skin color, 

my brother, I fear.

I fear that too soon you may be taken away from me. 

I fear that even when we teach to cooperate with police, you may still end up like the late Sandra B, 

I fear.

I fear that when I say Black Lives Matter that it’s misconstrued. 

But when I say Black Lives Matter, it’s not that I’m dissing you, 

but it’s my cry to this system that we matter too, 

I’m stressing Black Lives Matter to black people too, 

I fear. 

I fear the hate in your heart that you have for your brother who may rep a different set than you. 

I fear the triggered decisions you make, 

I fear for the lives you make take, 

not understanding that it was all the same blood that was shed for you, 

but most all I fear, 

I fear that you don’t open up your heart, I fear that you won’t confess with your tongue, I fear that you wait too late to let God in.

Because when it’s all said and done, 

and this war against the enemy has been won, 

my brother, I fear I won’t get to see you again.

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