Happy Poet’s Day!!!!!!!

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Poet’s Day is all about paying tribute to the great art of poetry. It’s about embracing poetry, enjoying it, and even creating it. Whether you prefer to read poetry from an acclaimed writer or you like to be the creative one; it doesn’t matter. It is about celebrating this literary form in every way. After all, you do not need to have a degree to be a poet! With that being said, I am going to honor poets from 1 week.


Young Dark Brown Sugar Diva

Written by Roe Braddy

Her head was downcast for a while, they said her hue was too dark, she couldn’t qualify
She didn’t rate
They put her down,
They wouldn’t let her in,
Won’t let her join the fight, nor the fun
This is what they said about her kind of black. You know, too black to bring any good,
Too black, like the neighbor’s black cat that brought bad luck to your doorstep
Blackballed and put out on the street like an old worn sofa left for Thursday’s trash pickup
In the midst of the blackout, we ran thru the street finding our way lost, once again we were in the bad dark, not the good light. This was our kind of black, the black that we knew so well.
But today’s black, that’s a different kinda black, kinky coily black,
Melanin poppin’ like fried chicken in a black cast-iron skillet all of us rising up and getting in your nostrils That kinda black
Queen of hearts and Jack of spades, but then came along blackjack
We hit the nail on the head, now the juice of our kind of black is sweeter than the berry of
Disappointment, segregation, and deportation.
Angela Davis stood proud and fought, jailed and labeled for this kind of black
Antwan Rose and fell on the street of Steel
Rodney asked, “Why can’t we all just get along?”
Dr. King just wanted us to make it to the mountain top
This is our kind of black
Beautiful black baby girls wanna know, “Why am I so black? Stand up tall, hold up your head with it’s
Kinky crown Don’t let them tell you that your black is the bad kinda black, don’t let them tell you that your skin doesn’t hold a magical glow
Don’t let them tell you that you’ll never reach your goal
Hold up your head little brown sugar diva

You ride on the back of your forefathers who were strong ebony people who wore the scars of disappointment, strife, and undeserved imprisonment
Your lineage is one of noble character and refined endurance
We need you to guard up your loins for the fight, the fight that only you have the strength to see us all through, this strength comes from your kind of black
You have been passed the scepter that was held by Egypt’s royal priestess
The daughter of the most- high king
You are a child of God known since the beginning of the earth’s existence
Knit in your mother’s womb waiting to blossom into your fullness
You are made in his image, beautifully and fearfully
in fact, fierce,
This is your kind of black

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