Book Review: Everything…….. by Faith



Synopsis –

Everything… By Faith, is author Benita K. Brown’s first book of personal growth and development. This book explores the majestic realm of faith and how one can tap into this powerful magnetic energy to actualize his/her heart’s desires. Have you ever wondered how to manifest everything you need when you need it? What would you accomplish if you knew how to turn your desires on auto-pilot? This self-help book gives practical examples to the spiritual principles of faith and how one can increase in this invincible creative energy to manifest his or her truest desires. Whether your desire is to have more achievement, more freedom, more fulfillment, or all three, this book is the “how-to” steps to guide you, by faith, to reach your expected results. “Everything… By Faith,” will help you manifest your best life! You deserve it! —-Benita K. Brown


Queenie’s Review –

This is a self-help book about the principles of Faith. This is a how-to guide for you to reach your potential. I love the cover of this book. I see what the cover represents. This book helps you to understand what the word faith really means. This guide gives you scriptures to help you along the way. I love the writing style of the author which I could easily understand. The author even defines fear and lets us know it is the total opposite of faith. The bottom line is everything done by faith. You have to have faith. I can’t wait to read more by this author. I give this short but powerful read five stars.

To purchase the book: https://amzn.to/3jUqpxc



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