Book Spotlight: Zortega’s Qualum and the Shadow Walker by LaGina Weaver and Darryl Johnson, Jr.


FB_IMG_1580510479957Five words to describe our book:







My wife Gina and I are aspiring authors and parents living out of Fort Campbell KY. I’m a service member of the US Army and my wife is a thriving businesswoman. We are parents to 3 daughters and are working to bring more the world of ZORTEGA.



The purpose of this book was, in the beginning, a way for my wife and I to work on our communication. As we put our heads together we bought a world full of magic and fun to life. A world similar to our own full family, friends, life, and a little danger. Now the purpose is to give young readers a book they can dive into and relate to their own lives.


A common thread that repeats itself in the book is the sense of family. no matter what is happening throughout the story well, bad, or indifferent the characters know that they can rely on their relatives.

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