Book Review: The Gifts of Life Nobody Wanted



The Gift of Life that Nobody Wanted is a servant leadership approach designed to help women understand the rationale of the gifts of pain, devastation, rejection, and the purpose of tears. This book offers spiritual nuggets and strategies needed to triumph over years of pain. It will help individuals reshape the secrets that have been buried and reclaim the freedom that has been earned. It is written from the perspective of a woman who had to learn how to fight through tears and overcome obstacles.

The author challenges the mind of the reader to go beyond the natural perspective of a gift and tap into the various hidden gifts that are only found through the illumination of God’s manifestation. In many of the chapters, the author analyzes the purpose of the types of gifts and integrates her own personal struggles.

No matter where you are in life, after reading this book, your eyes will be enlightened to the hidden potential that lies within you. You realize that every gift of pain caused by life has now become your building block to the destiny inside of you. You ARE THE GIFT THAT NOBODY WANTED!

Queenie’s Review:

This book was spiritually filled with strategies and golden nuggets. It gives us good information and resources. This book will help women deal with their pain. This is an in-depth book about how to take the gift of life and triumph over the pain. This book will show you and give you resources to overcome that pain. The author wants the reader to tap into their God-given talents. This book will help you get to your destiny. I really enjoyed how the author broke down and did step-by-step strategies to get us to our destiny. I love how the author gives us strippers to relate to our pain. The review section is a great idea to further get more out of each chapter. I especially loved chapter three about brokenness. You really stepped on my toes with that one. I give this book five-stars.

To purchase the book: https://amzn.to/3jP7YKp


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