Author Spotlight: Chandra A. Clements

IMG_5656Author Spotlight – Chandra A. Clements

Chandra is a very proud mum and an accomplished businesswoman, who has spent her career finding novel ways to solve complex business, and individual, issues. She has worked across 28 countries, 11 industries, and nine languages. Chandra was the Telstra Australian National Young Business Woman of the Year in 2012 and the 2013 Newcastle University Young Alumni Medallist. In 2013, she started her own business, One Legacy Pty Ltd, with the goal of applying neuroscience to leadership, team, and performance challenges. Her greatest interest is in spending time with her girls and helping them grow and explore their happiness, talents, and interests.


What is your genre? What draws you to this genre?

I am predominantly a fiction author, although I am also interested in writing and publishing charity books that highlight a human need and the efforts to address that need. I have written a couple of children’s books, an adolescent self -help book disguised as a fiction story, a journal for pandemic affected mothers, a fictional narrative about the female self-esteem, and survival journey, and a charity book designed to raise money to help the most isolated and vulnerable women, girls and babies in Papua, New Guinea.


What is your purpose?

The overarching banner is to write “Books for Purpose”. At present, I am writing a series of books targeting the impact of coronavirus on different groups of people and trying to alleviate the associated issues. However, I have another couple in the pipeline that has been lifelong goals that relate to women’s empowerment and self-esteem, domestic violence, and leadership. I have released five of the coronavirus books so far, with my first women’s empowerment book due out in August 2020. I want to help others with writing, either by raising awareness, stimulating resilience, raising funds, or helping people overcome self-esteem barriers.

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Who has influenced your life as an author?

I have had the pleasure of coaching a lot of people over the years for business, career, or individual reasons. Each of these opportunities has been a true gift. I take my inspiration from the real-life stories around me; the struggles, the triumphs, the never-give-up attitudes. Each of the people I have coached has left an indelible imprint on me and one way or another this comes out in my future work, in whatever form that may be. I am also inspired by the life and back story of JK Rowling. It shows that even though a dark period may enter your life, who knows what may lie ahead.


What is your favorite marketing technique? How do you get your book in front of readers?

I’m not sure I have a favorite marketing technique. I think marketing can be forced and it can happen in its time. I like to let things happen in their time. I love author interviews and have really enjoyed sharing the stories behind each of my books. Each one has a unique purpose and the reason for publication and getting this message out there is important. I find immense value in book trailers and social media marketing of these trailers. I also feel that bringing people together to discuss what a book means to them is a powerful and effective way of getting new readers on board.


What is something you want readers to know about you?

I am passionate about moments of impact. I feel that connecting with others and sharing in their success journey or their recovery journey or their happiness journey is one of life’s greatest gifts. My books are all about moments of impact and helping people in one way or another. My own life has definitely been enhanced and broadened by the school of hard knocks and it has helped me see that helping others is perhaps our greatest life skill. I feel that all of us on this earth have a moral obligation to try and leave the world in a better place where we can. Whether it be the book I wrote with my gorgeous four-year-old daughter (Tara) on the impact of social distancing, or the book to help teenagers coping with their final year of exams, or the charity book for women in PNG, each of the books has a message to deliver and is written to help someone somewhere. I hope my girls are proud of the books when they get older (especially the role they played in helping mummy write them) and are also inspired to write books or contribute to the world around them in their own unique ways. I’m certain they will be as they already ask questions like “how do we make coronavirus leave grandmas alone” and “how do we make all the children safe again”. These questions make me proud.


What are you reading right now?

Strangely enough, I am reading a series of non-fiction neuroscience articles on self-esteem and the role of women in empowering each other over the years. Probably not quite the answer you were looking for, but I find this type of thing so fascinating and relevant in these challenging global times.


3 Fun facts about yourself

I have three degrees and have worked all over the world, yet I feel I knew or understood very little about anything until I had children. 

I believe one of the most therapeutic actions anyone can undertake is to hold someone’s hand when they need it. 

I am a crazy animal lover and have always experienced this strange phenomenon that animals will follow me home when I go somewhere. Hence, I have a household of rescued animals.


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