Book Spotlight: I’m Not There Yet by Mae Scott

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Which five words best describe I’m Not There Yet?

        Self-love, self-help, easy to read, straightforward, inspirational


Can you share one highlight from the book?

( I’m Not Ready To Trust You)

          Trusting someone can be something that we all deal with. Trust has to be earned once broken. Are you someone who has trust issues? Trust issues don’t just happen out the blue. Someone had to do something to cause it. Trust issues can stop you from mobbing on with your life. Learn to forgive that person so you can move on with your life.


What is the purpose of this book?

          The purpose of I’m Not There Yet is a book written for readers who are dealing with moving on to another level of their life. It also helps women deal with self-love.


Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread? 

            Yes, women being fed up with life.


Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write? 

             The part that was the most fun to write was Inner and Outer beauty. Due to having daughters inner and outer beauty is a topic that we discuss all the time.


Which part was the hardest? 

               Being open would have been the hardest for me to write. I have to get to know a person gully before I feel comfortable to open up to them.  


Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

                I don’t believe my most loyal fans know that I recently got married.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

               Yes, I also write women fiction. I am currently working on my third fiction book.


Author Bio:   Mae Scott is a women fiction writer. She has also written two self-help books. She lives in Arkansas and is married and enjoys spending time with her children. When she is not spending time with her family or working, she is writing. Mae Scott enjoys writing women fiction books that other women can relate to and enjoy. 


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