Book Spotlight: Tripping Prince Charming by Ey Wade

 Which five words best describe Tripping Prince Charming–A Romance of S(h)orts?

  3 Determined women.   3 Lovestruck Guys.  1 Epic Romance.


Can you share one highlight from the book? 

 SCENE II: The Cooking Class. 


Entering the elevator Carmella stood against the wall, crossed her arms, and rested her back on its surface. She really wanted to spend more time with him but hadn’t gotten brazen enough to initiate the asking. Franklin stood facing the door, fiddling with his coat button and watching her in the door’s reflective surface. He cleared his throat subconsciously when he saw that she was watching him.

 “So Franklin, why are you taking a cooking class?”

He coughed. “Huh?”

“Why are you taking a class? You don’t have a wife or girlfriends you’re trying to impress do you?”

“Uhm, no.”

“Then why take the class? It’s not like you ever pay attention.” She pushed away from the wall as the door opened on to the basement floor parking garage. “If you were acting like one of the other hundred guys who’ve taken the class and spent most of the evening trying to hit me up, I would think you liked me, but you say nothing.” She walked out of the door, pulling his sleeve as she exited. “Come on. My car is over here.”

He followed her without telling her he knew her car, had known it for weeks before he had even decided to take the cooking class. For one thing, it wasn’t hard to remember her car, no one else he knew drove a little red Aston Martin and for the past year, they have attended the same church even though he tried to stay out of her way.

“How can you afford this car teaching people how to cut onions and celery?”

“I cut a lot of onion and celery.”


“You know, Franklin.” She pushed the required tab on her key’s fob and opened the car’s door. Sliding into the driver’s seat she placed her finger near the button that would start the car and paused. “If you want to wait until you have gone through a few more classes before you ask me out it’s okay. I won’t tell you ‘no’, but please ask before you cut your fingers off.


What is the purpose of this book?

 Tripping Prince Charming was written to introduce readers to a different format of a romance. It is really three stories in one and written in acts and scenes, sort of like a play. Challenging and fun.


 Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread?

No. All of my books are totally different.


Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write?

 I think Act:1 Scene:3 with Lillie-Rose and Nathaniel was the most fun to write. Lillie-Rose is so determined to never fall in love, every scene between her and Nathaniel was entertaining. Misunderstandings, humor, drama- I couldn’t wait until it was their turn to become the center focus.


Which part was the hardest?

The hardest part of the book for me was the format. Keeping the storyline to each character/couple consistent as they merged within a specific act or scene. Making sure to flesh out the personality of the characters was a test of memory, mostly. I  really like this novel, though.


Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

I’m a lazy writer. Most of my stories are plotted and planned in my head. I hear the voices over and over and see their lives evolving so that by the time I do sit in the chair, I can spend hours just typing out the story the characters shared with me.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Author Contact Information

Ey Wade

Email: imtheauthor@gmail.com

Website: https://wade-inpublishing.com

  Facebook-: https://facebook.com/eywade2

Instagram: http://instagram.com/imtheauthor_eywade

Twitter @jumpouttheboat & Read_EyBooks

Amazon: https://amazon.com/author/eywade

 Author Sites: http://wade-inpublishing.blogspot.com





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