Book Spotlight: Sprouting Seeds – Jamila Smith


Sprouting Seeds Book Cover

There are five words that best describe Sprouting Seeds: matriarchal, entertaining, thumbs- up, relatable, and honest. One highlight from the book that I would like to share is when Cora meets Phillip Charles. I think my audience may want to share some chuckles with this portion. My purpose in writing this book was to share a story about a great- grandmother who talks about her life history. Themes that often surface in my work is that my content is usually edgy because they seem to evoke an emotional response in my readers. My favorite character to create was Cora.

It was fun showing how she developed throughout the stages of her life.  However, the challenging part was stating content truthfully such as racism and discrimination.  Those are always touchy subjects; however, they need to be addressed. One thing to disclose to my most loyal fans is that I have struggled with a learning disability my entire life. I also disliked for attending school.  Yet, I was able to persevere through my challenges to become who I am today. As a word of encouragement for my readers: if you struggle with a challenge such as a hidden or learning disability; do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for support. Refraining from self-advocacy can sometimes hold us back from discovering our gifts or achieving our dreams.


Author Pic

Author: Bio:

 Jamila D. Smith was raised in Massachusetts and Indiana. She became inspired to pursue her writing talents during early childhood. Smith has enjoyed creating amazing fictional stories that are filled with fierce, thrilling, and engrossing plots. She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work and a graduate degree in secondary education with an English as a Second Language (ESL) certification. Currently, she is teaching elementary ESL students. Smith has previously taught Language Arts to middle and high school ESL learners who worked in outreach with youth and families and have also instructed the adult ESL population. She enjoys coordinating fashion events and traveling to the Caribbean; where she loves having jerk chicken and macaroni pie. Jamila D. Smith also loves writing honest, edgy, and contemporary fiction stories for women and diverse populations.

 Book Link: www.jamiladsmith.weebly.com

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