Exposing Politics – Oscar Sanders Book Review



Poetry is the creative assessment of personal, political, societal observations, and lessons.
The spoken word is the dramatic theatrical audio facsimile of those same observations and lessons using metaphors, impersonations, facial expressions, and inflections.
Exposing Politics: A Collection of Poetry is a cache of mostly political spoken word poetry, some prose, a few remarks, and personal quotes-people familiar my solo pop-up performances or my plays have seen and heard in: Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts and Diplomacy: The Act of Listening Before You Speak. Dubbed the Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney of spoken word, Oscar Sanders’ heartbeat bellows though this book!
Exposing Politics points fingers at the systems and processes that manifest and harvest inequality and discrimination in America and globally using spoken word as the catalyst! Exposing describes through the modality of spoken word poetry, a litany of real life examples of bigotry and racism unleashed upon people of color. Meditate. Contemplate. Laugh. Cry. Enjoy! In the end, it’s entertainment! Oh, and education.



Queenie’s Review

This is a collection of raw and uncut spoken words. This was so deep I had to put the book down to let my mind resonate with the author’s words. This is a powerful piece of literature that needs to be read. The poems were insightful, educational, and brutally honest. I applaud the author for writing such a knowledgeable piece of poetry at this time, with the way our country is right now. The author breaks down his political views, unrest, and unjust in a book meant for us. Some of the poems have current events that are happening right now that brings tears to my eyes. Hats off to the author Oscar Sanders. I give this collection of political poetry five stars.

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/38ovl8t


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