The Heart of a Godly Woman – Fatima C. Williams Book Review





Are you ready to be inspired and encouraged? Are you ready to be taken on a poetic journey? This beautiful book of poetry is an amazing read! Fatima is powerful with her words! This book is a perfect gift for all the women in your life! So choose to take a trip into the world of poetry!

Queenie’s Review

First, when I read the title I knew this poetry book was going to minister and bless me. The first one the author wrote to her daughter brought tears to my eyes.  The author is truly a woman of God and I appreciate that. Throughout this book, after each poem, it’s some reflection questions with space to meditate on that poem. I like how each section there’s a heart diary for you to take notes for yourself. I like how the author incorporated verses at the beginning of each section that relates to that section. The author is giving us guidance throughout the book. Once I finished reading a poem I said Amen, make a noise, a Hallelujah, and just smile. The author was on-point and not shooting it from the hip. I love how the words flowed with great meaning and depth. By far ‘Hidden Scars’ is my favorite. I had to stop and come back to the book. You stepped on my toes. I was taken back but I say thank you for that. I recommend this book to all women. I give this book of inspiration to all women 5 stars. 

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