Twisted Tales of the Heart – Yolanda Randolph Book Review




Child Support Drama * Baby Momma Craziness * Dire Consequences

Introducing the lives of three families…and their mangled messes…


Being all alone is no big deal for Amanda as she has always been for most of her life. Growing up in a foster home taught her some valuable lessons on survival, but not even her time at the foster home taught her how to deal with James, her son’s deadbeat father. Amanda has been battling James in child support court for years and has always been slapped in the face by the Judge’s orders.

James and his mother, Evelyn, want nothing more than to see Amanda down and destroyed so they work on a plan to take Amanda’s son away from her. Sparks fly between Amanda and her son’s family that causes a reign of devastation, ending in someone’s death, changing everyone’s life forever.


Striving to be the perfect “boy next door”, Preston has lived his life as his church grounded family and friends felt that he should, as a married man with a family. Preston becomes engaged to Stephanie and eventually has a son. Although Preston loves his son, he isn’t feeling Stephanie and the life they have together. Going against all odds, Preston leaves Stephanie to live his life the way he wants, with his lover, Donald.

Stephanie is desperate to get Preston back and live the family life with her and their son and goes to great lengths to make that happen. Stephanie’s antics become so incredible that she makes the ultimate mistake. A tragic mistake that she can’t take back and leaves everyone involved devastated!

The Gregg Family

Celeste and Jason Gregg have the perfect family. Married for twenty years with two kids, their life together couldn’t be more perfect. Celeste struggled with fertility issues after her son, Trey was born so when her miracle baby, Summer was conceived, she was ecstatic. Years later, the family’s love is tested when a tragic accident changes their lives forever. One child is dead and the other is suffering from tremendous guilt, causing a rift between them.

Queenie’s Review

OMG!!!!!! These three stories will have you up all night, happy, angry, sad, and enraged. The author took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that I didn’t want to get off of. These characters were amazing. The three families were very relatable. The issues were angry single mom, baby mamas, child support, homosexuality relationships, tragedy, death, and misunderstanding. This book is a page-turner and full of drama. This book has three parts and about three different characters. The book starts with a bang and ends with a bang

The first story is about Amanda. Amanda is all about drama. She is doing any and everything to get through her life and raising her son by any means necessary.

  The second story is about Preston leaving his baby mama to live with his lover. Stephanie is the baby mama from hell. I love the relationship he has with his son Dylan. This story really had me in my feelings.

  The third story is about Jason, Celeste, Trey, and Summer. They are a perfect little family until tragedy strikes. It starts with a bang and ends with a bang. Please have you some tissue ready.

 I really enjoyed all three parts of this wonderful story. I can’t wait until the characters have their own book. I recommend this book. I give this book five stars. I am anxiously waiting on the stories of Amanda, Preston, and the Gregg family.

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