Sneak Peek of No Longer Waiting – Belinda Hunter



Sneak Peek

When Keisha told me that Eric knew that EJ was his child I about died! How in the hell had he found out, I demanded to know. Keisha’s guess was as good as mine, all she knew was that he now knew.

After I finally got up the guts to call Eric and we decided on a location to meet to talk; I felt better about it. He didn’t seem terribly upset and I was finally going to get peace from this secret that I had held now for over two years. As I was getting out of my car to walk into our meeting place, Eric got out of his car as well. I had unknowingly parked right beside him. He walked around his car towards me and gave me a big hug. I was so not expecting that, not yet anyway.

“What’s up baby mama?” He teased.

“Nothing much baby daddy,” I replied with a sly grin, happy that he was upbeat and not cursing me out.

He held the door for me as we went into the building, as well as pulled out my chair once we were escorted to our table. But his ass wasted no time getting right to the point once we were seated and our drink orders had been taken.

“Okay ma, talk to me. What’s up? I mean where was yo’ head? How could you not tell me that you were pregnant with my child?”

His questions were coming so fast that I got tongue-tied.

“Uhm… I… Uhm… Eric, no excuse is going to be good enough for what I did so I will just try to explain where my mindset was during the time and hope you can understand and forgive me.” He gave me a nod of the head to continue. “I was hurt and felt alone. You were doing your thing with Tonya and the night that I had planned to tell you that I was pregnant was the same night that you called me and canceled our date because supposedly something important came up and I caught you at the movies with Tonya. Although it was true that he canceled our date to hang with Tonya that night, I had had no intention of telling him that night that I was pregnant. It seemed to work though because he looked guilty and sorry. I went on to explain that at the time my mind was all over the place and that was my truth.

“Damn,” Eric said softly, almost under his breath. “I can only apologize to you for that night. Not much more I can say just as I told you when I talked to you afterward then, Tonya had me kind of stuck that night. You know it was my own fault that I had forgotten that it was her birthday weekend; I didn’t think it would have been that big of a deal taking a raincheck on our date. I wished you had told me that you really needed to talk to me that day instead of just saying that you had a lot on your mind and your day had been bad. Now I have a son that I have missed so much time with bonding,” he said shaking his head.



To read the rest of the chapter and more on how this plays out read “No Longer Waiting” available on Amazon.

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