Deacon Brown’s Daughters Movie Review



Deacon Brown’s Daughters Movie Review

Warning: you need your tissues before you start watching.

 Stanley Brown was a real ladies man but now he’s a Christian man. He abandoned his daughters all these years but will he have a change of heart? Stanley is trying to change but people only see how he used to be. This Amazon movie was great. I got to see this movie the day before and I was super excited. This movie it’s worth all the hype. The theme of this movie is faith, prayer, obedience, abandonment, forgiveness, fatherless relationships, self-esteem, value, and self-worth. This movie really touched me in some way because I was a fatherless girl. I can relate to all of his daughters. I like how the characters were Christians and had a great bond. This movie had me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I cried, got mad, cried, smiled, laughed, was disappointed, and I cried some more.  These characters in the movie were telling the truth and I could relate. I felt comfortable watching a movie. I love the breakthrough that one of Stanley’s daughters had, that I got up and did a praise dance. Hallelujah! Yolanda’s mom was on a trip but she was on point with what she said. The barbershop scene was hilarious but true. I appreciate how the authors put this family situation to be realistic and it was a lesson to learn. I learned a few lessons from this movie. Make sure that you have some tissue with you before you hit play. Michelle, Casandra, and the crew did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing the story. I appreciate it. I give this book-to-movie five stars.

 P.S.  All those men in the movie were handsome. GOSH !!!! 

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