Love Knows My Name – Book Spotlight


Love Knows My Name –  Aspiring Love Short Story Collection, Volume 1



Aspiring Love Short Story Collection, Volume 1

Sometimes past experiences make a person feel as if they will never know true love. Love Knows My Name features nine romance short stories from veterans and new authors. Enjoy stories of characters finding love at last.

Lasting Impressions by Wanda B. Campbell

Working as an ICU nurse offers Kaymar Washington many rewards, but a cure for loneliness isn’t one of them. Patient Johnny Twenty-five changes everything. With ease, her new patient fills her hidden desire for companionship and gives her something more than charity work to look forward to. As the attraction between nurse and patient grows, will Kaymar remove the emotional walls so her heart can heal? If only her patient wasn’t comatose and knew she exists.

Dancing on the Moon by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Dr. Katrina Mason loves teaching college math. It’s a rewarding departure from her past vocation as a stripper. When an abusive relationship forces her to take a job at a high school in another state, she’s pleasantly surprised how much she enjoys it. That is until she gets a lewd unsigned note to the school’s Valentine dance using her old stage name. When handsome Principal Nate Thomas finds out about her provocative past, will he be inviting her to leave the job? In the end, what Nate teaches Katrina about love will have her feeling like she’s dancing on the moon.

Love Called My Name by Alicia Fleming

When you suddenly lose someone you love, you tend to guard your heart more carefully. You tend to be hesitant about letting people get close to you and falling in love again. After all, only the people that are close to you, can hurt you. Sierra Ramsey meets Blaine Johnson in her grief care support group. As their friendship blossoms, Sierra lets her guard down and learns to love again. But, she’s still indecisive about her choice. When love calls your name again, after having your heartbroken, will you answer? Find out how Sierra goes from a broken heart to a heart full of unbelievable joy.  

For the Love of You by Yolanda Johnson-Bryant

After a failed marriage, Serena Collins was done with relationships, that is until Gerard Nelson. The two fall in love and Gerard is all that Serena has dreamed of and more. A weekend trip to an exotic location ends abruptly with bad news. After the prognosis of terminal illness, the couple has to decide if a lifetime of love is worth the little time they have. Certain Gerard is her forever soulmate, Serena is content with the life she’s lived. That is until Greg Pierce. Is this divine intervention? Or will Serena throw away a second chance at love?”

A Coffee Shop Connection by T.A. Beasley

Renee Spencer is running late for work but knows she’ll be no good for anyone without her morning coffee from Rose’s Coffee Cafe. When she arrives, the line is so long, forcing her to take a different route into an alternative coffee shop that may provide more than just morning coffee. David Brock is on his way to work when he stops to help a friend. He arrives at his coffee shop to help with the morning rush, and a new customer catches his eye. Unbeknownst to Renee, her detour maybe fates trying to brighten up her day.

A Timeless Love by Naa Harper

Candace Parker is a teenage girl with big dreams and a lot to offer. At seventeen, she is smart, beautiful, and ready to take her life to the next level. When she catches the unrelenting eye and attention of Michael Taylor, star quarterback of Olive’s high school football team, her world is wrecked and turned upside down. Dreams she once had are now gone. It is not until she makes the decision to leave Farmville, Virginia, that what seemed impossible, becomes a possible reality. When she attends the regularly scheduled game night and dinner at a friend’s house, there is one guest she is not expecting.

One Day I’ll Be Gone by Leslie K. Howard

Jeanette, a meek young college student gets caught up in a warm, attentive whirlwind named Thomas Watson. But after they marry, everything about Tom changes. Tom has everything: Jeanette, his Christian wife, a good job and a comfortable place to live. For him, life is perfect. In reality, his alcoholism, partying, and affairs with other women has his life spiraling out of control. To the world around her, Janette looks happy but behind the façade, her life is in ruins. An apocalyptic event rocks Tom’s world and he discovers his Jenny is gone.

Spring Blues by Annie Johnson

Physical therapist Spring Vaughn is still struggling with a past tumultuous relationship. When DeMarco Blues, a professional football player, becomes her latest patient, she can’t deny her attraction. But the last thing she wants is another relationship with an athlete. She surmises DeMarco is like any typical player with a fleet of women at his feet. DeMarco is determined to soften her hard heart and teach Spring to trust in love again.  Will Spring realize DeMarco is exactly what she needs before it’s too late?

The Replacement Date by Tyora Moody

Five years after a rocky divorce, Donna Madison is out on her first date. But when she is stood up by her date, she’s not too upset because a surprise “replacement” date saves the night. The man who shows up at her table is a childhood friend she hadn’t seen in fifteen years. Maxwell Anderson is no ordinary blast from the past, and Donna can’t help but wonder if the unexpected meeting has divine purposes.

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