Saving Her Shadow Book Review


Saving Her Shadow by Lutishia Lovely

Raina does not want to be a part of this religion. She can’t wait to move out and start a new life. She loved life before her mother married her stepfather. Life was more fun then. Raina is almost a grown woman who sacrifices her little sister Abby. I can relate to the relationship she had with her parents and sister. In the end, what or who would you choose for a life-or-death situation? This story of twists and turns had me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. I was a person to have that many emotions about a book at one time. I enjoyed the storyline and now I understand this type of religion. This is definitely a must-read for teens to adults. The story was just fast-paced and smooth. Lutishia, I really enjoyed the story and appreciate how you research great information. Now I can better understand. I also loved the cover of the book and the phrase for my sister’s keeper. I also understand the title, Kudos to the author. I gave this book five stars. 

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