The Courage of a Butterfly Book Review



The Courage of a Butterfly by Edmond E. Frank

This memoir was fascinating. I love how descriptive the poems were. I can picture them in my mind. I like the narrative and how the author was telling his story in prose. I like the rhythmic structure also. I love and understand the title. I think the author titled his book ‘The Courage of a Butterfly’ because he was having the courage to come out of his cocoon. The dialogue went smoothly. I like how the dialogue was vivid and entertaining. The pacing of the book went smoothly. Once I started reading it took exactly two days to finish it. I love the fast pace of the story. The cover of the book gave me a biker who was carefree but wants to come out of his shell. The theme of the story is overcoming his fear and becoming who he needs and wants to be. The length of the book was long. I believe three parts of this book went into one book. As I was reading, the author showed his character development in the end. It was spot on. In the end, he knows what and who he is. The organization of the story was excellent. The story to me went in chronological order and I appreciate that. The end let me know that the author accomplished what he wanted and he conquered his fear and dealt with the hand he was born with. The Poems hit home for me. The love he had for his family was overwhelming. He was not afraid to admit he had a beer and didn’t know how to handle it. I have never heard of this author before and I will be reading more by him. I give his book 5 stars.

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