Danielle D. Smith Book Spotlight

Danielle D. Smith l

Danielle D. Smith is an Award-Winning Author and Filmmaker, Instructor, Speaker, and Founder of the Movement: Don’t Be Quiet. Her book, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is a first-hand account of her own suffering of abuse as a child. Her film, Don’t Be Quiet is the visual of her book.


Which five words best describe Yesterday’s Tomorrow?

Love, abuse, family, overcoming, growth


Can you share one highlight from the book? 

At the age of four my character, Alyx was instructed on how to walk to her babysitter’s house alone. Her babysitter lived six miles away and Alyx was shown by her mother how to get there. Alyx walked daily in the early morning, with drug addicts and drunks lining the streets. A friend of her dad’s, who was a school bus driver, saw her walking down the street and reported it to her dad. After that date, a case was built proving the abuse and neglect Alyx suffered daily.


What is the purpose of this book?

The purpose of this book is to help those that have or are dealing with abuse. It also shows the dynamics of family relationships. All families are not great. A mother is not always loving, caring, and present. The purpose is to provide hope and resources


 Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread?

The common thread in all of my work is showing those that are or have dealt with abuse can strive and more importantly thrive after abuse.



Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write? Which part was the hardest?

The part of the book that was the most fun to write was the ending. It was exciting because I knew it would be the part that would be most memorable so it challenged me. The hardest part was the beginning. It was hard in the beginning to tell my own story.



Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

One thing my fans may not know is I am a true introvert, but when I am out at a speaking engagement or workshop I am a different person and I thoroughly enjoy helping people!


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I love teaching people how to thrive! I enjoy conducting workshops and letting people know there is more to life than abuse. Abuse is not the end of your story.


Yesterday's Tomorrow Book Cover

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