Author Jamila D. Smith’s Favorite Teacher


Author Pic

My favorite teacher was Helen Blanchard. Ms. Blanchard was my favorite because she inspired me to become an author. My passion for writing began when I was in 4th grade. She used to let us have “journal time” every morning. Most of the students would write daily entries about their weekend plans, a time when they had fought with siblings, or a reflection on what had occurred the previous week. Yet, I chose to write imaginative stories. This was a good outlet because I truly got to explore my gift. Ms. Blanchard used to write reflective comments in our notebooks such as, “great job!” or “good imagination!” With those affirmations, I quickly became motivated to dive into my creativity. Soon, I started writing stories for leisure at home and would share them with my mom. I used to love having journal time at school!

 It felt like we had several hours for this task. I used to sit at my desk and stare at my notebook with a writer’s block, allowing my wheels to turn. Eventually that strong urge took place, and my hand would write so fast that it could barely keep up with my racing thoughts. Journal time was truly a fun experience for me.  This had led me to excel in English/ Language Arts as I became older. Today, I’m now a Contemporary Fiction author and also an elementary ESL teacher. I hope to become the next “Ms. Blanchard” for my students one day.  

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