Positions of Compromise Book Review



Positions of Compromise by Waletta Mason Dunn

This book really ministered to me. I love this book and I will read more by this author. The characters are Loretta, Dani, and Sasha. Loretta is a 52-year-old human resource manager who is having medical issues. Dani is Loretta’s assistant who is trying to have a baby with her husband. Sasha is the vice president’s secretary who once lived in her car. The story is about some information that is leaked to the public and will Loretta use her position to compromise? The characters were well-developed, realistic, and relatable. I love the relationship between Loretta and Reginald. The characters used prayer throughout the story. I love how they prayed. We have to wait on the Lord. We also have to have faith. The storyline flowed smoothly. The topics of this amazing story is love, harassment, faith, forgiveness, and new beginnings. There is a lot of compromising positions. The ladies are trying to handle that with care. I recommend this book give it five stars.

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