‘Black Men Don’t Read’ – Author Tony Lindsay

Tony Lindsay is the author of eight novels; One Dead Preacher, Street Possession, Chasin’ It, Urban Affair, One Dead Lawyer, More Boy than Girl, One Dead Doctor, and The Killing Breeze. He has written five short story collections titled Pieces of the HoleFat from Papa’s Head – Emotional Drippings – Almost Grown – and Acorns in a Skillet. He has published book critiques and reviews for Black Issues Book Review, Conversations Magazine, African American Literary Book Club, N’DIGO Magapaper, and the Chicago Defender. He was a contributor to three anthologies: Revise the Psalm, Don’t Hate the Game, and Luscious Fire and Desire. He has also contributed to Identity.com, Mosiac.com. He has been published by the African American literary web-site ‘Timbooktu.com’, as well as the young adult magazine Cicada.

Lindsay has a Post Graduate Certificates in Multicultural and Transnational Literatures from East Carolina University, and an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from Chicago State University, a MA in English from Arizona State University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He teaches classes at Ivy Tech Community College, Harold Washington College, Chamberlain University, and MacCormac College.



I have been going to book events for twenty years, and I have sold a lot of my books to Black men. Brothers read a lot; we are too opinionated not to read, and we hate being wrong, so we are informed. Black men do learn more towards non-fiction and historical fiction, but I have sold a bunch of erotica to brothers, and the murder mysteries and thrillers. Just like all men don’t watch sports, Black men are not monolithic in their leisure time: we golf, play chess, watch sports, step, drink, go out to eat, go to plays, and we read books.

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