Excerpt from Karen Bradley’s Transition of Power

In Transition of Power, Cameron’s plan to retire from her not-quite-legal activities is derailed when her cousin becomes entangled with The Warden, a crime lord who is known for an array of illegal enterprises. She creates an alias then maneuvers into a position to extract him from The Warden’s clutches before he, like so many others who’ve betrayed him, winds up dead.


Excerpt from Transition of Power

The door swished open and Cameron grabbed the Gu and made a quick dive to the concrete floor. She scrambled to the end of the aisle and stashed the Gu between two black pillars.

“I’ve got an exit issue,” Cameron whispered as she peered around the base of the black marble that hid her position. Clicking sounds were the only response. The room must have been designed to jam signals.

Five men emerged from a door in the wall near the miscellaneous items. She quickly crawled to the row of artifacts near the opening, angling to run if necessary.

“It’s already gone,” one of the men said.

Cameron peered around the display to the shortest of the group, who remained too close to the exit for her to slip away.

“Find them. We know they’re still here,” someone yelled. “The system has only been down less than fifteen minutes.”

She pulled out one of those special business cards and flung it down the aisle. The short man grunted the moment it made contact with his chest.  He stumbled to the wall before crashing into a chair on display. Cameron was grateful that Bishop insisted her aim be perfect when throwing cards even more so than a gun. Firing a weapon would have immediately revealed her location and decreased the chances of a successful exit.

“What the hell?” One of the men nearest him yelled as several pairs of feet shuffled across the polished concrete floor. Cameron darted to the opening, taking the stairs two at time.  She turned, pulling the trigger, and firing on the man who entered at the base. She heard a thud as she neared the top. The white door cracked open. Her heart thumped as she swung her gun upward toward a bronze face with locs peeking out of a skull cap.

“Greg.” She pushed him out of the way seconds before bullets sprayed the closing door.

Greg pressed his 6’3 frame against the wall. “How many?”

“Three.” She nudged him, pointing toward the back entrance.

Their feet pounded across the stonewashed oak planks. “We’re on our way out,” Greg said.

“More company coming up the rear,” Rob shot back.

Shuffling on his end meant he was moving into the driver’s seat. “I’m swinging around in front,” he said.

They reversed direction, hesitating at the basement’s threshold as they raced to the front. The door hinge cracked, and Cameron hopped onto the plush carpet in the living room with Greg fast on her tail. A bullet shattered the glass main door that had been ahead of them. She slid the bag over her head, handed it to Greg then kneeled, rolling onto the wood floors before firing three shots. Two bodies dropped as one dove into the kitchen to take cover. She paused, listening for movement on the ceramic tiles. One man stepped from behind the kitchen door but quickly retreated when she fired twice.

Cameron scrambled to her feet as Greg fired a shot across the living room. She turned as a man grunted and pitched forward onto the carpet. “Get to the van.”

Greg sprinted to the door with the bag in hand as she backed over the threshold, constantly scanning in both directions.

Wheels screeched in the driveway. Four armed men ran across the yard.

Rob hopped from the van, immediately lifting his weapon and took out one of the four as Greg slipped into the driver’s seat.

Cameron turned and ran for the van, alarmed. Her heart sank into her stomach. Rob doesn’t have his vest on.

“Got to go. Your gifts on its way.” Rob pulled out his other firearm as the side door slid open.

A fifth man running across the lawn was squarely in Rob’s blind spot aiming for his back. Cameron launched her body in front of Rob, pulling the trigger as she sailed through air.

National bestselling author, Karen D. Bradley has penned several contemporary fiction and suspense novels. She has also contributed short stories to the Sugar anthology and the Just One Kiss anthology. Venturing into film making, she wrote and produced a short film based on one of her novels. Visit Karen on Twitter/Instagram @ms_kbradley or on the web at www.karendbradley.com


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