The Book That Changed Michelle Stimpson’s Life

What book changed your life?

There are lots of books that changed my life, but this one is the most recent: Becoming by Michelle Obama

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How did this book impact your life?

How did it impact your life: It taught me not to doubt myself, not to think of others as somehow, mysteriously “better” than me.

 What lesson did you take from this book?

 What lesson did I take away: To just go for what I really want, not settle for mediocre because mediocre is a very safe place for me. I do well in the general shuffle of life, but now I’m reaching even further. I’m doing the “hard” things – research, strategy, implementation, evaluation – that I used to think of as things that only super-brilliant, super-people do. Now I’m like, “Those people aren’t any better or worse than me. They’re just diligently doing what they strategically plan to do to the best of their ability given what they know right now. That’s the only real difference between me and them.”

How can people get in touch with you?

I’m online at

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