Author K.l. Gilchrist Books Spotlight

Broken Together: A Novel by K.L. Gilchrist


Tracey Jones’ life is picture-perfect. She’s crazy in love with her attractive doctor husband. Her only job is raising two healthy children in their stunning home. However, looks can be deceiving. When Tracey discovers her husband’s involvement with a young nurse at his private practice, it becomes a challenge to hold everything together. As her household falls apart, and the full extent of Dr. Jones secrets come to light, a series of events leads Tracey to do the unthinkable. In order to heal in her marriage, Tracey must face a painful past that forces her to offer grace and empathy to someone who may need it more than she does.

Holding On: A Novella by K.L. Gilchrist


Tracey and Brian Jones have much to celebrate. They’ve been married for more than twelve years, their son is doing well in college, and a new baby is on the way. However, small resentments still exist beneath the surface in their relationship. When Tracey betrays Brian’s trust in order to provide emotional support to a family who helped her in the past, battle lines are drawn in their household. Will Tracey be able to hold on to her marriage and family when her past and present collide?


Author Biography


K.L. Gilchrist is a graduate of Temple University and Palmer’s Eastern School of Christian Ministry (ESCM). She enjoyed a long career as a technical writer and information designer before returning to her first love: fiction writing. She is the author of Broken Together, Holding On, and the upcoming novel Thick Chicks. She lives with her husband and two bright and funny daughters outside of Philadelphia, PA.


Available from Amazon, Apple, Walmart.com/Kobo, BN.com and more. For additional booksellers go to: http://www.klgilchrist.com/books/

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