‘Black Men Don’t Read’- Author J. Elloit Howard

Elloit Howard is a  married father of 2 sons. Howard is  a published poet/author of 2 books Rewritten Lives & Take A Walk With Me, and both are available on Amazon.com. He is host of Millennial Money Management on the Tribe Family Channel   He has an MBA in Accounting and an MA in Mass Communication Studies. He is an Assistant Director of Environmental Services with HHS. Author Howard has been active in the community on projects like Man Alive, The Ephraim Foundation, Epiphany Benefit Concert, and The Services Cooperative Association.
Elliot & Tamika

Black Men Don’t Read

That is one of the biggest myths of society.  It’s not that black men, or men in general, don’t read, but the men with whom people choose to interact.  There are black male writers, doctors, accountants, professionals, entrepreneurs, astronauts, and even Presidents of the United States.  If your personal circle doesn’t have these types of black men, then you have chosen to perpetuate a level of ignorance in our society based on a lack of experience, and a failure to accept responsibility of the personal choices made as whom you have chosen to allow into your life.

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