Loving My Daddy to Death Book Review


Loving My Daddy to Death – Barbara Joe Williams

My name is Samantha Denise Holloway. I’m sixty years old today. I grew up in a small southern town with my parents and younger brother. When I was a little girl, I loved my daddy to death. He was a kind and gentle man who gave me everything I wanted. However, after he went off to the war in the sixties and came back with a head injury, he started changing a little bit every day. He started drinking, gambling, and running the streets on the weekends like a single man.
Once my brother was old enough to start walking and talking, Daddy started beating on him. Daddy claimed he was training my little brother how to survive a colored man’s life and a white man’s war. When Mama tried to reason with him, he started beating on her too. But I was never afraid of him, and he never laid a finger on me. I was his precious princess.
The more Daddy seemed to love me, the more I grew to hate him until I couldn’t take it anymore. Now I can’t remember the exact moment I recognized my hatred for my own father. But week after week of seeing him beating on my mother and young brother left me emotionally drained. I found myself feeling more and more disdain for Daddy and his evil ways. The father I had once loved and cherished was gone; lost in the war six years ago. He came back a changed man, and it wasn’t for the better.
I had to do something to save my family, or I would soon be the only one living with the monster he had become.
I’m not proud of it, but this is the story of how I killed my daddy at the age of twelve in November of 1972. I had to save my mother and brother.
I loved my daddy. And I loved him even more after his death.
Regardless of what anyone is thinking about me, here’s my story . . .
Loving My Daddy to Death


Queenie’s Review

This story  ‘Loving my Daddy to Death’ was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I really love the story. I can relate to the characters. I love the family unit and how their extended family had a great bond. I don’t think the mother did enough to protect herself or her children. This could have been a true story right now in this world. There is a message in the story: be careful what you pray for. I enjoyed the 70’s stuff going on in the story like the music, hair, and clothes.  The theme in the book is PTSD, abandonment, alcoholism, family togetherness, faith, and prayer. The plot has its twists and turns. I wasn’t expecting the way it ended. Again the “take away” from the book is to be careful what you ask God for and get out when you are hurting in a relationship. Kudos Mrs. Barbara. I give this book five stars.

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