Martha Kennerson Hyde of Lincoln Park Excerpt

Author Bio

Martha Kennerson is a national bestselling and award-winning author whose love of reading and writing is a significant part of who she is. She uses both to create the kinds of stories that touch the heart. Martha lives with her family in League City, Texas. She believes her current blessings are only matched by the struggle it took to achieve such happiness. She loves to interact with her readers. 

“What the hell’s going on?” Grant asked, trying to keep his anger under control and his voice down as they wound their way through the hotel lobby. The idea that someone had bugged his room was insane. Not even the attention of several beautiful women they passed could grab his attention. “That’s a good question.” Meeks pulled out his phone. “We sure as hell are going to find out.” The two men walked into the hotel’s lounge and took a seat facing the door, but away from any other patrons. “Why would someone feel the need to listen in on my conversations? It’s not like I work out of the hotel. Hell, how did anyone even know where I’d be staying?” “More good questions that need answering.” Meeks’ voice had a hard edge to it, as well it should. “Hello, gentlemen, welcome to Hotel Chicago. My name is Sally,” a pretty brunette greeted, eyeing both men but paying extra attention to Grant. Meeks’ platinum wedding ring was hard to miss. “May I get you anything?” “Two coffees, black, and some privacy, please,” Grant stated in a matter-of-fact tone sending the message that now wasn’t the time. He’d make sure she received a good tip to make up for his abruptness but right now Grant was ready to explode. “Did Marie make your travel arrangements?” “Yes, just like always. Except…” Grant frowned. “Except what?” Meeks prompted. Sally delivered their coffee and complimentary sweet buns, quickly taking her leave after advising the men to call out if they needed anything. “What?” Meeks prompted. “Marie coordinated the hotel arrangements with Miss Knight’s office. The hotel was recommended for its quality and proximity to the facility which was only three miles away,” Grant explained, reaching for his cup. “Miss Knight, as in Alderman’s Knight daughter.” Meeks grimaced. “Your mystery woman. Damn, it looks like that beautiful apple might not have fallen far from a rotten tree.” Grant felt a pain in his chest that he’d never experienced before. He fought back, not wanting to deal with the implication. The father might be immoral, but it didn’t mean she has to be. Meeks’ cell rang. “Jed, I need you to run a background check and do a security sweep for me.” Grant sat back, drinking his coffee and eating a sweet bun while Meeks held a conversation with Jed Shield who’d been a specialist with the firm for years. He still couldn’t believe how crazy the last several days had been. First, his business and reputation are threatened by blackmail. Then his mentor was shot sending him running from Texas to Chicago. To top things off, his hotel room has been bugged by an unknown source that could be related to the one woman who’s made him feel things he hadn’t in a very long time—want and need. “That’s taken care of.” Meeks said, placing his phone face down on the table then reaching for his coffee. “What did you do?” “My Chicago team’s running a deep background check on the good alderman and going over to your hotel suite to do a sweep.” “Good, the more we know about Alderman Knight, the better.” “And his daughter,” Meeks added, studying his friend. Grant’s jaw tightened, and he gave a quick nod. He hated thinking something unsavory would be discovered about the woman he’d yet to meet, but had played a starring role in his dreams. “You actually think they planted more?” Grant shook his head and frowned before he silenced his ringing phone after checking the screen. He mulled that over a few minutes “I don’t like the idea of being watched, Meeks.” “My men are still checking the room, but whatever we find, we’ll handle it, I promise.” “At least there is that, but—” “Don’t worry about it, man.” Meeks reached for his water glass. “I told you, we got this.” 





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