Lean On Me – Pat Simmons Book Review

Lean On Me (Family is Forever)  Pat Simmons


 Tabitha Knicely is overwhelming from taking care of  her Aunt Tweet. Aunt Tweet has dementia and is getting worse. Tabitha’s sisters and her made a pact to take turns caring for their great aunt. Tabitha is the second sister to get her aunt. The sisters refused to put their aunt in a nursing facility. Tabitha had to literally give up her life to care for her great aunt


Marcus Whittington  is a neighbor that has accused Tabitha of elderly neglect. He threatened to call the police on her which adds to her frustrations. In the end, Marcus sees how  Tabitha and Aunt Tweet relate up close and now understands those frustrations.


 This book gave me a romantic flair that I enjoyed.  I loved the book cover. It is so beautiful. The title was on point because Tabitha needed Marcus to lean on.  Family is forever and the characters in the story prove that point. The characters were relatable, funny, honest, and caring except for Geneva and Renee. The empowering love story has its twists and turns that you didn’t really know what’s coming. The dialogue was on point. The story line went smoothly and I could relate a lot. I like how the author, Pat Simmons, did her research on dementia and the different drugs and side effects Tabitha was trying to sell to doctors offices.

 I really enjoyed the story. I cried, got mad, laughed, and got excited. I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the story. Thanks for the wonderful ride.

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