Not Until You’re Ready by Danyelle  Scroggins Book Review

Not Until You’re Ready by Danyelle  Scroggins


This  author really put her foot in this book. This book has really ministered to me. This book was informative to all women who need to plan and do God’s will. This book challenges women to deal with whatever situation that is set before them.

 This book is for women  not to go out and find a mate but let him find you. The prayer you said on page 17 was very powerful and hit me like a ton of bricks. The book also informs us about being lonely, warnings, cleaning up, connection, and prayer. In chapter 4, it talks about cleaning up and it made me think about this song I gotta clean up what I messed up and I’m starting my life over again. This book I think we really was stepping on my toes. Thanks for writing this book for me. I will be reading more by this author  soon. I recommend this book to single women, some married women, young women, and maybe some men. I give this book five stars. 


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