Perfect Shoe by Kimberly T Matthews Book Review

The Perfect Shoe by Kimberly T Matthews


December Elliott had it going on. She had over 300 pairs of shoes. She decided to compare her shoes to men. This account manager for a staffing company had a shoe fetish. Every outfit was accommodated with a matching shoe. December is also into her shoes and fashion that gets her in a financial turmoil.

 From work day pump to flip flop to winter boot this is an easy read and light-hearted story. House  shoes and bedroom shoes were similar in that they are soft, warm, and inviting. Timberland boots to tennis shoes to  glass slippers December was on point when it came to fashion and men. 

Corey is her new boss and  falls in love with December but she doesn’t even recognize it. She quit her job by accident even though she had financial issues. I love his character because he was straight to the point, caring, generous, and patient.

 The other characters in the book were genuine, loving, funny, and relatable. I really enjoyed the dialogue between all the characters. This story was an interesting way  to categorize men by shoes. It had me laughing throughout the story. But in the end, does she end up with the perfect shoe?

 If you are looking for fun and easy to read  then this is the book for you. I have never read anything from this author but I will be checking out more of her books. I give this book four and a half stars.

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