Keith “K.L.” Belvin Author Spotlight

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Keith “K. L.” Belvin is a family therapist, crisis counselor, published author, publisher, educator, mentor, and public speaker with over twenty years of educational experience with teaching credentials DE and NY. For over ten years, he’s the proud owner of Bravin Publishing LLC. Keith also holds a certification in investigations and is an ordained minister in Delaware. Keith possesses an MA in Human Service Counseling / Specializing in Christian Ministry from Liberty University, an MS in Education / Specializing in Curriculum Writing, Assessments, along with BS in Physical Education, and AS in Business.

-What is your genre?

Non-Fiction, Fiction, Memoir, Poetry.

-What is your purpose?

My purpose is to use my talents, knowledge, and skills to help others in whatever way I can. This is my form of ministry.

-3 Fun facts about yourself


  • I’ve been featured in Ebony Magazine in February 2012
  • I’ve bowled a 300
  • I was an erotica poet and storyteller.


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Bravin Publishing: The Nations Foremost African American Christian Based Literary Service Provider


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