Patrice Rivers Author Spotlight


Rivers is an author of eight books, a blogger, a writer and a journalist.  Her gift of writing was given to her at a very early age of nine. Besides being busy writing new books, Patrice is the owner of her own brand called That Riverz Gurl Brand that focuses on being an author, a journalist/writer for publications, offering writing services and being an EIC of her magazine Blaqversity Magazine that focuses on women of diversity.  Her goal is to become a full-time author and turn her writing services into a full-time business. She is a native of Virginia and South Carolina currently residing in Suffolk, VA

The genres of my books are: Children, Poetry and Fiction.

My purpose is to write to motivate and encourage people through my poetry and to tell a story through my fiction.  I was blessed with this gift and I attend to use it to uplift others.

Three fun facts about myself is:

I make bracelets

I’m a huge fan of Netflix 

I hate being single. 

That Riverz Gurl Brand

author patrice rivers 

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