Go Fish! Book Review by Mary Stolz

Go Fish by Mary Stolz


This  story is  about a summer outing with a grandson named Thomas and his grandfather. Thomas is trying to get his  grandfather out of the house to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thomas and his grandfather has this bond that is unbreakable. His grandfather gives him wisdom  and life. They go fishing together, eat together, and play cards together.

The title of this book has two meanings – first of course is fishing and you will have to read the story to get the other meaning.

 This chapter book was an easy read and we can be done in a few days. I love the  relationship of the grandson and grandfather. They share jokes, ideas, and epiphanies. The grandfather gives him a lesson on African  heritage. The illustrations were on point and beautiful. I have never read anything by this author but I will be reading more by her soon. I recommend this book too late elementary students and I give this story 5 stars.

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