The Reluctant Wife: Love in Paradise (The Reluctant Series Book 3) – Nikki Walker Book Review

The Reluctant Wife: Love in Paradise (The Reluctant Series Book 3) – Nikki Walker



Adele has hit on hard times, losing her catering business and home all within the span of months. This happens at the very time that Moira is entering the “Happily Ever After’ phase of her life. After she watches Moira swept away with her groom in a white limo after the very reception, she’d tried all day to reach, it only becomes a reminder of what is missing in Adele’s life. She feels utterly hopeless.

Carlos spots Adele from a distance and is disturbed by her demeanor. The next steps he decides to take whisks them into an unanticipated journey.

In the end, will they each be able to lower their defenses long enough for love to get a grasp on their hearts?

Queenie’s Review

 Adele has lost everything including her livelihood and home while her best friend Moira is in “honeymoon” heaven. Adele is very unhappy with her life right now and there’s only one way out. Carlos sees Adele at her weakest point and tries to rescue her. They both take an unexpected journey of twists and turns. I really enjoy the characters in the story. They were unpredictable, relatable, and love. I really didn’t care for Ricardo,  Carlos’ dad. His wealth and power has gone to his head. The story line is unpredictable, flows smoothly, and is loving. I know why the author title the book The Reluctant Wife. I’m not going to spoil it but it is a great story. I give this book 4 stars. This book was given to me by the author an honest review. 


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