This week I am picking people who I admire in my life.  Today I have graphic and web designer  John V Clement on my blog.  Please welcome John.


John is a marketing specialist who is an awesome graphic and web designer for over 20 years. He is very detailed and punctual with his business, J. Sharp Studios. John has a quiet and reserved spirit. He loves to read and draw. He started drawing in elementary school and he has a very creative mind. John did the logo for my channel and my blog, Queenie’s BookTalk and Reviews. John is a very dedicated and talented artist. John is also an awesome baker and award-winning home chef. Even though John has never had any children of his own he has a heart of gold for children. John has stepped in as an uncle for my son and for that I am truly grateful. When I am in need of something or some sound advice, I can always count on John to come through for me. Jamal always says he has the most awesome uncle in the whole wide world. Jamal also says he loves Uncle John because he is an older version of what he wants to be when he grows up. I admire John because he puts God first with everything in his life. Whenever I need anything, especially dealing with electronics and/or computers, John is the guy to call on. I am so proud to call him my little brother.

2 thoughts on “I ADMIRE: JOHN V CLEMENT”

  1. I agree!!! John is my favorite too. He’s created some awesome content for my books, blogs, videos, newsletters, products and the me!!! He’s amazing! I’m glad he’s my graphic artist and a great friend. Your blessed to have him as your brother!
    Tonya Barbee, Founder
    I am Still a Rose, LLC
    Where we help those who want to be help move beyond their pain to be the best Rose that they can ever be.


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