I ADMIRE: Ellen Ann Smith Sudderth

This week I am picking people who I admire in my life.  Today I have my BookBestie and Event Planner Ellen Ann Smith Sudderth.  Please welcome my friend, Ellen.



 Ellen Ellen Ellen… My book bestie. I do not know where to begin. She is the proud wife of Frank Suddreth, mother of three daughters and one son, and  two grandsons, Malach and Roman. She is also the CEO of E.S.P. (Ellen Suddreth Presents). She interviews authors, set up book signings for authors, do book discussion, and plan literary events. Ellen was born in Chicago and now lives in Newsport News, Virginia. 

I met Ellen about 3 years ago on a reading Facebook group. we have been reading buddies ever since. We like the same genre and some of the same authors. We have been reading sprints and Facebook lives together. We are about to start a book talk show called The Queenie and Ellen Book Talk Show at least once a month and we’re talking everything literary.  We talked about 5 days out of 7. During those five out of seven days we talked about three to five times that day. When we talk all we talk about is books, books, and more books. I am also a part of Mrs. Ellen Women’s Ministry group which has a Bible study every Monday night. She took it upon herself to purchase the textbook and the workbook so I can be a part of this Woman’s  Bible Study every Monday night. I am so grateful to have this woman in my life. She has been a blessing, a true blessing in my life. I really, really do appreciate her generosity, her support, and her unconditional love from me and my son. I love Mrs.. Ellen even though we never met in person. She knows my family by name and I know her family by name. I call her husband Uncle Frank. She calls my son Jamal her grandson. I am so happy and grateful that Mrs. Ellen is in my son and my life. Mrs. Ellen, I admire you because you are  truly a woman of God and when I grow up I want to be just like her. Mrs Ellen thanks for being my guidance, my rock, and Lord knows my friend. I love her so much that I consider her family now.

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